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Carolina Outdoors, rated as one of the Top 50 in overall Internet site traffic for Fishing sites. Carolina Outdoors pages are accessed over 5000 times per month!!
You can't afford not to be listed on one or more pages.

Currently we have ad space for Small Banner Ads and Button Ads .

Banner Ads

Small banners appear near the top or bottom of our  opening page and within and can be 160 x 60 pixels large. They are highly effective since they link directly to your home page and are always available. You must supply the image or logo for small banners.  They run $30 a month per page.

Button Ads

Button ads appear along the side of the pages and are 100 pixels by 40 pixels large. They link directly to your home page and run $25 per month per page. You must supply the image.

Page Ads

Sponsoring one or more pages within the site is also available.  Example:  The "boats for sale" page receives over 200 unique hits a day, great opportunity to expose a product or service.  Single page sponsorships start at $50 a month.  This also includes a special banner and/or sale item at your choosing.  A pop up would be accepted.  *See note below

Please contact info@carolinaoutdoors.net for more.

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Carolina Outdoors Web TV, rated high in all listings is also available for sponsorship and 30 second ad space. Carolina Outdoors is viewed in 13 nations, including high fishing market areas like the USA, Japan, Spain and Italy.

Carolina Outdoors the show uses several high traffic areas to broadcast the show, including Livestream, YouTube, Facebook and MyOutdoorsTV.

You can't afford not to be using our exposure on the Internet for your service or products.

Please email for more info on ad rates, commercials, and/or sponsoring a Carolina Outdoors Web show.
*All banner ads or sponsorships are on a one year basis unless agreed upon different.  Your ad will be a static ad, meaning that it will be visible 24 hrs a day 7 days a week (it will not rotate with other ads).  The ad will have a link so as to direct traffic to your site.
As a sponsor Carolina Outdoors will also run up to 1 feature article (after review) on your products/service or website for 1 year. The articles have to be informative and not just an infomercial.  We will not use article space for generic advertising pieces. 

Please email if interested in talking more specifically about the cost of specific ad sizes and their placement either on Carolina Outdoors Website or Show.