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In an effort coordinated by Bassmaster Elite Series pro Marty Stone -- top North Carolina pros Dave Wolak, Dustin Wilks, Jeffrey Thomas, Britt Myers and Stone himself, took five U.S. Air Force Airmen fishing – and by day’s end – ‘catching’ – finished way down the list compared to the fellowship and full doses of respect shared between the two groups of professionals.

So with the more-than-willing support of the four other pros, Stone formed five two-man teams, and collectively the 10 guys spent the day fishing at Sharon Harris Lake. And of course, because the competitive juices never stop flowing, a friendly $25 ‘big bass’ side bet was put up for grabs. Team Toyota Tundra angler Dave Wolak and his partner, USAF Technical Sergeant Jeff Vicars, eclipsed any hope others had of winning by dragging in a 10-pound 3-ounce monster on a 10” YUM Big Show worm.

Numerous times during the day, “this is the greatest day of my life” was heard from the mouths of the five Airmen – a statement that indelibly reminded the bass pros of how privileged their own stressful job really is.

By day’s end, five U.S. Air Force Airmen escaped the intensity and stress that comes from providing on-target, on-time, airpower for America. And five full-time bass pros were boldly reminded that not all missions are about the catching.

Story by Alan McGuckin
Photos courtesy:
Robin DeMark, 4th Fighter Wing Public Affairs, Seymour Johnson AFB - NC  
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