FLY FARVORITE LAKE IN A LAZ-E-BOY:  Now you can fly your favorite lake to see what it looks like from the air.  A new website feature allows you to view any lake in the U.S.A. from your computer.  Wonder what Jordan Lake looks like from the air?  Click on:,-79.029722&spn=0.089264,0.123081&t=k&hl=en    for ariel photo of Jordan.  Its easy to move, just drag curser and you can zoom in.  All area lakes are available by searching a city near them.  You are cleared for take-off !
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North Carolina ranks #2 in US States for Fishing-Related Tourism.  What maybe a surprise to most, NC is second, only to Florida, as top states for fishing vacations and destination.  A recent survey of nonresident fishing related tourism showed that NC derived $716,318,246.00 in total economic output.  Second only to Florida, which generated $1,535,730,000.  Top tourist areas for nonresident anglers include Outer Banks, Vance Co. and the Triangle area, which includes Jordan, Harris and Falls Lake.   Nonresident anglers spent over $11.4 billion a year in the US.
Bass Fishermen, Bananas and Superstitions?  Blaming a banana, or the supernatural during those tough times is more common than think.  If you ask anyone if they have superstitions they will usually say, 'No'. Everyone knows it's even bad luck to reveal your superstitions. But if you really dig at them or go fishing with them, the truth will always come out.  Every fisherman is superstitious about something.   Read story here

Gold Crappie Caught:  On Dec. 14, Glen Christie, 64, of Cary was crappie fishing at Kerr Lake. While dunking minnows in 18 feet of water in Grassy Creek, he lands a little golden fish.  The fish is now officially recognized as a golden crappie.  See a picture of the unusual fish and read details on the day courtesy of a story published by the News & Observer.  Read story here.
NCSU WINS NATIONAL COLLEGIATE BASS FISHING CHAMPIONSHIP:  North Carolina State left no doubt who was the winner at the inaugural BoatU.S National Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship held in Texas.  They dominated the other schools on the final day with a solid five fish limit that weighed 13.57 pounds. The winning team members for North Carolina State were Chad Craven and Alex Freeman. They used a variety of baits while keying on windy rocky and timber filled banks to target aggressive fish. The North Carolina State team won $12,000.00 in scholarship funds with the win.  More details click here.
Oklahoma State University was the last team to take
the stage and after dominating the field the first two 
days it was apparent the North Carolina State team 
was worried. The event format had Universitys from
all over the nation sending in two person teams to 
compete for two days for an overall cumulative weight.
After two days the top 5 schools/teams competed on
one final day of the event for the title and scholarships.  
For a full update with an exclusive interview, and pictures, 
click here:  NCSU Bass Pack interview 
Wendy's High School Heisman Award:  What's this got to do with fishing? Well, fishermen & fathers like to brag.  This is my moment, as a father, to be proud.   My oldest daughter Emily was recently nominated for the Wendy's High School Heisman Award. Like the original College Heisman, the WHSH program has set the standard for high school student-athletes.  The program recognizes the nation’s most esteemed high school senior men and women for excellence in academics, athletics, and community/school involvement.  Emily (pictured at right with the male nominee) is Academic All Conference in both volleyball and softball.  She was team captain in both.   Emily also was a three year player on a USA Junior Olympic Volleyball squad.  She is a member of the Beta Club and Who's Who of High School Seniors, ranked 3rd in her graduating class.  In her spare time, she is active with her Youth Church Group and local Animal Rescue & Adoption Agency.  Emily will attend NCSU, majoring in Veterinary Medicine.  Congrats Emily !
Ryan Newman Charity Tournament: The Ryan Newman Foundation Bass Tournament is in the books.  Held on Lake Norman, the event funds the RNF, which caters to homeless animals needs.  It was fun for all, as the day turned out to be a beautiful warm sunny Dec day.  I was honored to be ask to represent Pedigree at the event, which started with a bass tournament that paired some Nascar celebs, and ended with a great meal and VIP autograph "meet & greet" session with all.  Some notable names in attendance was of course, Ryan Newman, along with Tony Stewart, and other Nascar contingent like Kevin Harvicks Crew Chief.  Forrest Wood was there, along with several FLW bass pros like myself.  In all, 135 teams competed in the bass tournament, with the winners taking home a fully rigged Ranger Bass boat.  It was sun, fun and good food for all.  Everyone was all smiles, as the picture shows, even after a long day on the water. 
Tony Stewart, Jeffrey and Ryan Newman
Carolina Outdoors                           :  Hear the latest talk around the fishing world and lakes.  Docktalk contains interesting tidbits, changes in rules and regulations, special events around the water's edge.  Its also a great place to announce up coming events and shows.  It you got something of interest, please send it to with the word "Dock Talk" in the subject line.
Let Carolina Outdoors Work For You Or Your Company:  Need a boost in sales and brand recognition?  How bout a marketing campaign that works 24/7, gives you national and global brand impressions.  Think about title sponsorship with Carolina Outdoors and professional bass fishing.  Bass fishing is the next Nascar marketing explosion for major companies, with a loyal fan base and brand loyal consumer group.  Under these sour economic times, many consumers have cut their spending, become more cost-conscious with their buying decisions.  Decisions that have led to trading down or changing brands.  If you or your company wants to keep selling your product or brand, you "got to keep them in the minds of consumers".  Look at the many rewards with sponsorship of a professional bass fisherman and Carolina Outdoors here:  Sponsorship Info Request
Hard Water Fishing At Its Best:  If you are like me, tired of all this snow and ice that continues to hit the Carolina's.  All of us are ready to hitch up the boat and go south perhaps to lake Toho or the Big O.  Then I got to thinking, its not really all that cold here, imagine if it was minus 40 degrees.
Yes, 40 below zero.  Thats what it was as I ventured to Denver Colorado for a visit to Eagle Claw Headquarters and some ice fishing on Lake Antero.  All this ice here in Carolina made me remember ice can be fun, even for fishing, Read more:  Eagle Claw Visit and Ice Fishing Lake Antero
Gaston BFL Was Lost Not Won:  I've always heard of guys saying "they lost" the tournament but what happened at the Gaston BFL last week literally was lost.  "One of the most bizarre fishing days of my life." says second place angler Scott Mooneyham.  "Really, I won the tournament. I just couldn't find my fifth fish."  

What Scott goes on to report is one of the strangest endings to a tournament I have heard.  The record books will show Jeff Salmon won the BFL, but it should show Scott Mooneyham LOST the BFL.  Here is his story:  "I went up the river, to an area where I had found fish a week ago Friday. I started out throwing a buzzbait and my partner was throwing a spinnerbait. After 30 or 40 minutes with nothing, I switched up to a wacky Senko. Within five casts I had a keeper and 3 lber, and by 8 a.m. I had four keepers, including a 5 1/2 lber. Sometime around 9 a.m., I landed another big fish, about 4 1/2, had a limit and figured at that point that I had a top-5, top-10 weight.  About 11:30 am, I decided to head east, and hit some spots here and there going back toward Holly Grove, catching a couple of shorts. About 12:30, along a drop on a creek channel, I stuck a 2 3/4 lb fish on a spinnerbait, boated it, culled a 14" fish, and threw it in the livewell.  

That's when things got bizarre. Not having done it as I went along, I got the bright idea that I'd put some leashes on my two smallest fish. So I dug the leashes out of my storage compartment, and then proceeded to pull the three smallest fish, including the one that I'd just caught, back out of the livewell. So, I pull them out, look at my two big fish a few seconds, turn around, and there's only two fish in the floor of my boat. I start looking under life jackets and tackle bags. I look under the console. I looked back through the hole under the console leading to the back of the boat. I roll under the console and reach my hand all back in there and feel no fish. I pull up the back compartment lid and look all around the gas tank and batteries. My 15 inch fish is gone. I say several foul things not worth repeating. The only thing that we can figure is that the fish flipped up on my partner's tackle bag and flipped out of the boat. Well, of course, I don't catch another keeper. My four fish go 16 lb 1 oz, and my big fish 5 lb 8 oz. 

Both led initially, but a 6-10 fish bumped my big fish not too long after that. The total weight held up until the final 10 bags, when a dude (Salmon) brings in 16-14. I finish second by a mere 13 ozs." said Scott.  Not end of story. It gets worse. "Back home, I get my tool box, empty out my back storage box on the console side, and proceed to take the container apart from the fiberglass and pull the box out. There, at the bottom of the boat, wedged in a space that can't be more than 3 inches wide, is my 2 lb, $2,400 fish. In 21 years of fishing tournaments, I've never had something like this happen," ended Mooneyham.

Here at Carolina Outdoors, we've seen and hear just about every thing from leaving a fish in the livewell, to losing a fish from a livewell in rough water, but losing a fish that is hidden under a compartment is tops of all.  It was truly the tournament that was lost not won. 

Warriors on the Water Military Appreciation Bass Tournament Highlights:    The 4th Annual WOW is now in the history books. Held on Jordan Lake in NC, the event pairs servicemen and women from all branches of the armed forces for some food, fun and friendly bass fishing competition. This years event paired 151 bass fishermen with 151 active duty troops from the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps. The fishing tournament capped a three-day run of events hosted by the W.O.W. committee. On the Wednesday before the tournament, more than 400 people showed up for an icebreaker held at Sports USA Sports on Fort Bragg. Boaters met with their randomly selected military co-anglers and pro bass anglers spoke to the crowd.
The highlight of the 2009 WOW tournament day, other than getting the servicemen and women on the water for some bass fishing fun, came with the tournament opening ceremonies performed by the Army Special Forces Parachute Jump Team Black Daggers.  Experience the thrill and most amazing way to present our American flag by clicking on the video link below.  Along the way, see some great smiles from some well deserved military men and women.   Watch in HQ:  Warriors on the Water 2009 video
Remembering Dr. John Hope Franklin:  Many may know Dr. John Hope Franklin for his fight for human rights and segregation.  Many will remember him for his award winning teaching career as a professor.  Many will remember him for his work with President Bill Clinton on the Initiative for Racial Relations.  I will remember Dr. John Hope Franklin as a great fisherman.  I say remember as Dr. Franklin lost his battle with cancer this week.
Come along as I go back into time with a day I was honored to spend, a day fishing with Dr. John Hope Franklin on Jordan Lake.  I guided Dr. Franklin that day as he showed me his fly fishing expertise.  And he showed me why he will be remembered for his many words of wisdom.  
Click here:  Remembering Dr. John Hope Franklin
Make Your Boat Shine With Captain Gary:  Sometimes a product comes along that works so well you just want to share it with others.  One of those products is Captain Gary's Boat Shine.   Recently I started using his products on my boat, I was amazed how well it made the boat shine and how well it protected the finish from road grime and hard to wash off stains like chewing tobacco.  
Captain Gary's Marine Care Products was started by a former Head Boat and Sport Fishing Boat Captain.  Captain Gary began a new career in the industrial chemical business, and in 1996 started his own company, EnviroServe Chemicals, Inc.  That company now produces a line of Marine Care products from Boat Shine to Boat Wash, Carpet cleaners and even a soap for removing fishing scents. 
Read more and learn about Captain Gary's Marine products in this feature question & answer section:  Captain Gary's Marine Products Feature Page
Carolina Outdoors Show Featuring Chesapeake Stripers Now ON:  Stripers.....Rockfish.... whatever you call them, everyone knows that nothing beats the winter migration of stripers from the ocean into the Chesapeake Bay.  If you want big stripers, you go to the Bay.
Carolina Outdoors did just that.  I experienced some of the hardest fighting fish ever.  Unfortunately one also experiences some of the harshes weather conditions as wind can hinder any attempt to get on the bay.  We managed to get out on the water two days even though it was windy and wet. Watch Carolina Outdoors Now:  Chesapeake Trophy Stripers

Thomas/Reedy Wins on Falls Lake: The team of Jeffrey Thomas and Dennis Reedy won for the third time recently.  The latest win came on Falls Lake in the Piedmont Classic.  The winning weight of the 5 fish limit was 22.23 lbs.  "It was a fun day of fishing" states Thomas, "Falls Lake probably is the best ledge fishing lake behind only Kentucky Lake in May/June.  Fortunately for us, the water was up in the bushesand fit our style perfectly".  The team reported catching fish on Reaction Innovations Sweet Beavers on 3/0 Lazer TroKar hooks on 20 lb Vicious line with the new Wright & McGill Skeet Reese flipping stick.                    
USAF And Bass Pros Storm Harris:  Coordinated by Bassmaster Elite Series pro Marty Stone -- top North Carolina pros Dave Wolak, Dustin Wilks, Jeffrey Thomas, Britt Myers and Stone himself, took five U.S. Air Force Airmen fishing at Harris Lake– and by day’s end – ‘catching’ – finished way down the list compared to the fellowship and full doses of respect shared between the two groups of professionals.
Five two-man teams, and collectively the 10 guys spent the day fishing at Sharon Harris Lake, with several bass over five and one over ten lbs weighed in. View photo gallery and story from the day at Harris Lake:  Air Force and Bass Pros Storm Harris Lake
USAF men and NC Bass Pros teamed up at Harris Lake

NC State BASS Team Honored:  The 2-Time National Collegiate BASS Champion NCSU Bass Pack got an standing ovaition as they were honored center court during the home ACC basketball game vs. Maryland at the RBC Center.
Team members were recognized individually for their accomplishments which includes two National College Bass Titles, a FLW National Guard Regional Championship and several top finishes.
The team is headed to Tennessee's Ft Loudon Lake in Knoxville to try and win a record 3rd National Championship.  Lets hear it for the (Bass) Pack !
Spoon Feeding Harris Lake Bass: What is spooning?  Its not some new way to eat your Capt Crunch in the morning, its a very popular way of structure fishing on ledge type lakes similar Kentucky Lake.  It will also work as a new tool in your structure fishing arsenal.  In this episode of Carolina Outdoors, we hit Shearon Harris Lake to try the new flutter spoon.
Harris is known for big bass and the new spoon doesn't disappoint in producing several fish over 8 lbs as seen in this two part webepisode.  Check out part one for some hot action here, check back later for part two when we go over the new spoon and gear in the Tackle Box segment   Part One Carolina Outdoors Show:  Spooning On Harris Lake 
Click on pictures to view larger versions of the NCSU Bass Team center court and featured on the Scoreboard Jumbotron.
Bass'n On The Cape Fear: In this new episode of Carolina Outdoors, we are "rollin', rollin', rollin down a river".  As in the Cape Fear River in the heart of Carolina.  This place is where I grew up fishing, were I spend hot summer afternoons casting dough balls for carp with my grandfather.  Up until the late 80's, it was the only place to fish other than ponds, no Harris, no Jordan, no lakes except Kerr.  Back then, if you had a boat, it was named jon.  Joining me is Kelly Barefoot as we break out the Zero Gravity jig.  Can you hear the CCR?  Click: Rollin' Down A Cape Fear River
Summertime Crankbaiting 101 Video With 3 Jordan Lake Pros:   Its been a great spring for shallow water fishing on Harris, Falls and Jordan Lake.  But as for the spawn, all things must come to a end, or atleast come to a change with summertime.  June can be one of it not the best time to tie on your favorite deeper running crankbait and hit an area lake.
Recently I gathered 2 Jordan Lake regulars, along with myself, for a day crankbait fishing on Jordan Lake.  Along the way, the weater and action is hot as is this great Carolina Outdoorrs episode full of crankbait tips you can carry to any lake for success.   Watch episode:  Summertime Crankbaiting 101
CLU Zero Gravity JIg: 2011 Tackle Tour Innovation Award:  On the individual packaging it states, “The world’s most universal jig, wake, swim, flip, c-rig or twitch it, the choice is yours!” Introducing Custom Lures Unlimited’s Zero Gravity Jig.
What is a “Zero Gravity” jig? Well, as it turns out, this bait really IS something no one has not seen before. Instead of a molded lead head, this jig’s noggin is made from some other mysterious metal that is noticeably lighter, much lighter than lead. The end result? A jig with the traditional size and profile of a three eighths or half ounce lead jig, but with a buoyancy like, well, like we’ve never seen! A weightless jig !! So different, it won the: 2011 Tackle Tour Innovation Award

Shoot 2 Thrill....Aim 2 Win:  Custom Lures Unlimited introduces a new football jig aptly named the "Ammo Jig".  I've been lucky enough to have "test" jig on the water
Anglers Choice Marine has set its Open House dates for 2017.  Their Spindale dealership event will be Feb 3rd and 4th.  The Martinsville event is scheduled for Feb 10th and 11th.  If in the market for a new or used boat, you won't find a better one that Anglers Choice, where integrity and values come first with customers.
Video How To Tip Skipping Docks with G-Man:  One of the most intimidating yet most productive was to catch bass is fishing docks when available.  It takes skill and patience to fish docks properly.  One of the best methods is "skipping" which allows one to get their bait way up under the dock where the bigger fish live and where most anglers have not cast to.  One of the sports primere dock skippers is BASS Elite pro Gerald Swindle.  In the two part video fishing tip segment, G-Man goes in to great detail on equipment, technique and why he has become a skipping dock guru.   Watch Video:  G-Man Skipping Docks 101
and to say my results have been thrilling is putting it mildly.  In the weeks leading to release of the new jig, I have caught some big bass.  When I say big bass...I mean B-I-G !  At Harris, the jig enticed one near 9 and one over 10 pounds.   On Jordan Lake, used the Ammo jig to catch a bass that hit the scales at 11 lbs.  Not only will the jig help you "thrill", it will help you win as it helped me land almost 21 lbs in recent tourney on Jordan to take 1st place. 
Available in 8 custom patterns and two sizes, the new Ammo Jig from Custom Lures Unlimited makes a great addition to your arsenal in the bass wars.  Check it out:  NEW CLU Ammo Jig
Listings For Ethanol Free Gasoline:  We all know ethanol is a outboard engines worst enemy. The problem is most gas stations do not list on the pump if it contains ethanol or not.  Sort of creating a Russian Roulette for your engine.  Now there's a site that list gas stations that sell ethanol free gas.  No matter if its in Carolina or another state, this site can help you find the right gas for your outboard. 

Click on the link to find Pure Gas in your area: Ethanol Free Gas Listing
NC State Bass Team 3rd Championship: NCSU Bass Pack team of Ben Dziwulski and Ethan Cox dominated the USBoat Collegiate Bass Championship held on Alabama's Pickwick Lake.

The pair used their prowess of deep cranking to win with 45 lbs in two days of fishing against 161 other collegiate teams including local SEC favories Auburn and Florida.  

The win marks NC State Bass team 3rd National Championship.  The win earns Ben and Ethan berths into the TBF Nations and a possible berth into the FLW Forrest Wood Cup. Go Pack !!
Carolina or Texas Rig, both are Iconic: The Carolina rig and the Texas rig are two of the
most popular techniques for largemouth bass. In a sport that is fraught with “the next big thing”—
the shakey head jig, the chatterbait, and now thevAlabama rig—the iconic Texas and Carolina rigs
are mainstays. Call the Carolina rig an "idiot bait" or ball and chain, it simply works.

Read more on the two mainstay methods to fish soft plastics like a Danny Joes Original floater by clicking on this link.  Carolina or Texas Rig article