"A Family Tradition"
Presented by Carolina Outdoors
     Labor Day is the traditional day for opening of dove season.  Its also a time honored rite of fall when friends and  family gather for good food,  bonding and fun.  Join in as this show highlights 3 generations of a family renewing this annual event on a family farm in North Carolina.  You will experience and hear the sounds that I fondly remember growing up on my own family owned farm.  Its been almost 20 years since I got to experience what I took for granted in my childhood youth.  I still can remember my dad giving me my first shotgun for opening day, its a gun I still cherish and will use again this opening day of dove season.  The younger group of hunters on this show will look back just as I do on this day some 30 years ago.

Experience some high fly action as it happened by clicking screens below:
Part Two