Spooning On Shearon Harris Lake
Presented by DJH Original Floater
Jump in the boat for a look at a new way to catch structure fish called "spooning".  Its summertime, the air temps are up as are the water temps.  There is some schooling activity but most of the larger bass have moved to their summertime haunts.

In this show, shown in two parts, we hit Shearon Harris Lake, famous for producing large bass.  And Harris does not dissappoint with several catches over 8 lbs shown in the show.  See some hot action with the new flutter spoon, learn about the equipment set up in the Tackle Box segment.  Spooning is not just for that morning bowl of Capt Crunch anymore.

Climb on board by clicking on the screens below as show is rebroadcast in two parts.
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Part Two
Part One
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