Back to work
"Got a gun"?
This is a strange looking bass!
A Harris Sow
This fish fell victim to a Frenzy.
KC probes a grassy cove
Time for a tackle change!
"These fish will bite a Jerkbait"!
A Morning on Harris Lake with BassMaster Classic Champion Ken Cook
Its not often that the hectic schedule allows us to fish for fun.  Fishing the B.A.S.S. Tour or FLW Tour requires being on the road alot, doing sponsor commitments and shows.  But recently good friend and former traveling partner from the B.A.S.S. Elite Tour, Ken Cook, had a break between tournaments and was able to spend a few hours fishing Harris Lake.   Ken needs no introduction, he has won the BassMasters Classic and qualified for 14 Classics.  Impressive numbers.  But what I found most interresting that morning was this:  There was a tournament going on as we launched his boat.  You could tell several had recognized Ken, as they would take second looks as though saying "Naa, that can't be"!   But yet no one approached Ken.   I would have found it very interesting to have been showing up at Harris or be fishing around a point and suddenly run into Ken Cook.  Below is a picture essay of the morning on Harris.  Good Fish'n!

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"Wheres all this grass you talked about"?
With the cooling tower in the background, Ken begins with a jerkbait.  The morning is cool and crisp with some light fog.  There is coots everywhere and Ken remarks "Should have brought our shot gun".  Ken is an advid hunter as well as fisherman.  His prowness with a bow and arrow has resulted in several world class trophy kills.   Ken has taken hunting trips as far as Africa, but spends most of his time on his ranch in Oklahoma with his twin boys.
It doesn't take long for Ken to catch a keeper on the jerkbait.  A jerkbait is one of his favorite ways to fish and he uses it often as a search tool when on a strange lake such as Harris.  Note the boats in the background as they blastoff from the tournament.
"I thought you said this lake had grass in it"!

  Using a Rattling Frenzy bait, Ken looks for grass and active fish.  He is quick to note that the grass is not prevalent every where on the lake.  His stop here was on a main lake flat out in front of the cooling tower.
Another fish comes into the boat on a Frenzy rattling bait.  Ken notes the fish seem fat and healthy.
With the weather conditions changing, and just a few keeper fish, Ken decides its time to make a change.  He takes time out to switch to a new lure, remarking the lake has some color, a chartruese color may work better.
This fish swallowed the bait
This fish swallowed the Rapala.  Ken reaches for pliars to remove the lure.
Even though this is just for fun, you can still see the determination to figure out these fish on a strange lake, like Harris, from Ken.
"This is one of those whisker bass"! remarks Ken.  Or is it one of those Harris nuclear bass? 
Back to work.  Ken remains focused and continues to catch fish.  Even on a day off, you can see the drive that has made Ken a World Champion.
Now this is what we came for.  It was a fun morning having Ken Cook on Harris.  With several smaller keeper fish coming on board, and this one trophy fish that proves Harris Lake is still alive and well.  As Ken pointed out, "Its essential to practice Catch and Release!"
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