Carolina Outdoors is proud to introduce a new signature series of fishing rods being offered in conjunction with Skeets Custom Rod Company.  These rods offer an attention in detail and function like no other rods on the market.  Each rod is designed and developed to meet higher standards required on the tough tournament trails.  10 years of tournament experience and guiding have gone into the design, along with the New Guide Concept System(click to learn more), to offer the finest quality fishing rods you will ever experience.  From fit to finish, these rods will help improve your overall fishing success.  Each rod features titanium nitride guides, premium cork handles and first quality premium blanks.  Each rod comes in a black gloss finish, with metallic blue wrap around the guides, and black metallic trim.
Item # SSCMHM7 - Cranking Rod

    The new signature series cranking rod was developed to help make deep cranking less strenuous and more productive.  Several factors have gone into making it both functional and practical.  The proper way to fish a crankbait is to maintain the rod in a straight line, extending to the crankbait.  This technique puts less strain on the wrist allowing for better control and feel.  Another feature developed over the years is to place the rod butt under the pit of the arm to help position the rod correctly. (see Figure one)  The new cranking rods feature an extended padded butt for comfort.  This also allows for longer cast by gripping the pad during cast.  (see Figure two)
(Figure One)
(Figure Two)
  Another important component about the cranking rod is that we use fiberglass blanks instead of graphite.  Fiberglass blanks allow for longer cast but more important, the slower action helps hook and landing the fish much more successful.  Most manufactures only offer graphite cranking rods, which are too stiff.  The rods also feature the new guide concept system, which places more guides on the blank for less friction and better hooking power. The guides and tip are metalic blue titanium nitride featuring stainless steel frames.  During actual wrapping of the single foot guides, a process is used where the wrap not only goes around the outer guide frame, but also around the inner frame.  This gives the guide more strength and eliminates any possible guide failure.
Matching metallic blue guides
Item # SSFH76 - Flipping Stick

    The new signature series flipping stick comes in the same great detail as the cranking rod.  The 7'6" graphite blank is one of the most sensitive and lightest rods on the market.  The lighter rod allows for less fatique and better lure control.  The rod blank is open under the reel for maxiumum sensitivity.  We have designed the rod with a small padded handle butt to eliminate those belly bruises from hooksets. It comes with a fast action tip for solid hooksets and accurate pitches.  The rod is retractable for storage ease and uses the New Guide Concept System.
New Guide Concept System
Reinforced titanium nitride metallic blue stainless steel guides
Beautiful gloss black finish with metallic blue wrap
Item # SSCR7MH - Carolina Rig Special

    The new series Carolina Rig Special comes in the same great detail as the signature series rod.  The one piece 7' graphite blank is one of the most sensitive and lightest rods on the market.   The rod blank is open under the reel for maxiumum sensitivity.  We have designed the rod handle longer and with a larger cork butt for maximium casting and feel.  The rod is non-retractable and uses the New Guide Concept System.  (Click to learn more about the New Guide Concept System)
Model     Application    Length     Line Weight     Lure Weight     Action    Handle      Price
SSCR7         Carolina Rig                7'                    10 - 20      1/4 - 3/4 oz      MHF        10.5" cork pad   $189.00*
SSFH76          Flipping                   7"6"                 12 - 25     1/4 - 1 1/4 oz   HMF         10" butt pad      $239.00*
SSCMH7         Cranking                   7'                     8 - 17       1/4 - 3/4 oz     MHM         11" padded      $189.00*
* Plus shipping & taxes  (Free Shipping on orders $500 or more)
All rods come with a limited lifetime warranty
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