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Carolina Outdoors is a force in Professional Bass Fishing and Outdoor Entertainment. Created by highly regarded professional angler Jeffrey Thomas, Carolina Outdoors objective is to compete at the highest professional level of bass fishing, inform and promote fishing, while representing quality companies in a professional manner.

To support fishing and outdoor show ambitions, Jeffrey and Carolina Outdoors need to develop commercial partnerships with companies that are keen to take advantage of the marketing opportunities that an involvement with a high profile angler and professional bass fishing series brings.

This page provides background information on sponsorship opportunities with Jeffrey Thomas and Carolina Outdoors. To learn more about the marketing opportunities available in 2010 below, please request an available sponsorship presentation packet.

Professional Bass Angler Sponsorship

Many of the world’s leading companies use Professional Bass Fishing as a platform for marketing.  While marine manufacturers have been quick to see the marketing benefits of pro anglers with brand and products they actually sell, a wide variety of non-fishing related companies have become actively involved in the sport because of the marketing opportunities it provides.  What industries and individual companies that are capitalizing on outdoor sports marketing have in common is the understanding that there are literally millions of consumers attending, watching, listening to seminars, and reading about professional bass fishing.

Companies and Brands such as Kellogg's, Castrol, USBank, National Guard, Verizon, Wal-Mart, Proctor & Gamble, Evan Williams, Toyota, M&M Mars, and Purolator to name a few have all been attracted to professional bass fishing because of its popularity, its level of exposure and the opportunities for marketing thier products and brands.  Professional Fishing and its fan base is considered the next Nascar for exposure, corporate hospitality, advertising and sales promotion.  Bass fishing fans and enthusiasts are a big and loyal brand consumer base.

Corporate sponsorship is a well developed tool at Carolina Outdoors for helping companies make use of a title sponsorship, event sponsorship, related advertising and media exposure. Tournament related advertising and media programming sponsorship provide excellent targeted media exposure. Event sponsorship is well suited to locally-based national and international companies that are able to make use of a specific event. Title sponsorship is the most complete sponsorship solution as it provides an ongoing marketing platform that can be used in a variety of ways.  Title sponsorship normally involves brand exposure on the tournament boat, tow vehicle and personal jersey, which is then used as a basis for brand marketing communication activities.
Marketing Benefits

Professional Angler Title Sponsorship campaigns are designed to satisfy specific marketing objectives. The most common marketing requirements from sponsorships include:

- Increasing brand exposure & awareness
- Building, enhancing or changing a brandʼs image
- Differentiating a brand from its competitors
- As a basis for advertising & media campaigns
- Using corporate hospitality to entertain clients
- Associating with other sponsors
- Addressing a specific target audience
- Generating opportunities for new business
- Developing business to business opportunities
- As a platform for media activity
- A focus for sales promotional activity
- Using personal appearances & endorsements
- Using branded boat & tow vehicle for promotional events
- Title sponsorship at worldwide viewed Carolina Outdoors, the Show
- Brand recognition and links at highly ranked website
- Brand association with major colleges, universities and military branches
- Brand recognition in global countries participation in
Professional Bass Tour

Professional Bass Fishing is an exciting and huge fan base sport that features powerful production-based tournaments in national and international championship competition, seen on major network television and internet feeds.

FLW Outdoors (FLW Tour/Series) is one of the world’s premier series of sporting events attracting leading companies and anglers. Close and competitive fishing between pro anglers in their branded rigs on the nations leading waterways has resulted in a huge fan base.

FLW Tours runs in parallel with FLW Outdoors events and with its World Championship: the Forrest Wood Cup - one of the world’s most prestigious sporting events and is regarded as the most competitive professional bass fishing series in the world.

FLW Tour has developed into a powerful marketing medium providing a range of marketing communications opportunities to a wide range of businesses who use sponsorship as part of their marketing mix. FLW Tour receives a high level of national and international attention through the media, through fishing audiences and through sponsor marketing campaigns. FLW Tour is broadcast to 133 countries and has a global television audience estimated at over a billion people. FLW also produces live internet coverage of all events.  Thousands of people attend and watch the tournaments which take place in major US market area's such as Detroit, Charlotte, Atlanta, Little Rock and Birmingham.
Carolina Outdoors

Jeffrey Thomas and Carolina Outdoors are proven both on the tournament trail and with marketing success. Both are an established fishing related promotional opportunity with a high degree of technical expertise and capability. Excellent exposure of your company's logo or brand is priceless. You may purchase 30 seconds of television time or buy an ad in the daily newspaper, but it is only seen one time. By sponsoring an angler like Jeffrey, your company can reach thousands upon thousands of people throughout the year.   The tow vehicle and boat themselves inevitably become focus of attention, creating a high visibility marketing rolling billboard.   Consider the impact of a company's product or name boldly emblazoned on his pro bass rig. Add jerseys identifying your name and product, angler trading cards and sponsor apparel made available to fans, a traveling professional rig with full color sponsor identification. These are the building blocks of a successful promotion utilizing title sponsorship.

Presently competing in FLW Tour, Jeffrey will step up to compete at World Championship level, giving national exposure for a potential sponsor.  Exposure that includes millions of brand impressions produces as he travels across the nation in competition with his tournament boat in tow.  Exposure from a global watched Internet production show called Carolina Outdoors, which is very popular not on the U.S. but Japan, Spain, Portugal, Canada and Mexico.  A show  that originated from his top ranked fishing website  Brand impressions also created through sponsor associations and a great working relationship with the outdoor media and promotions, along with NCSU Collegiate Bass Fishing.
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The economy has soured.  Has your company grappled with high fuel prices, sluggish sales and cut backs in its marketing budgets?  Along the way, consumers have become more cost-conscious with their budgets, more selective in purchases which have led to more attractions to generic or private labels.  That puts more pressure for companies to keep brand recognition strong.  A time when a company wants to keep selling their own brand(s), "they've got to keep them in the minds of consumers"!

Let a marketing campaign with Carolina Outdoors and professional bass fisherman Jeffrey Thomas work for you.  From a company branded boat and tow vehicle that works 24/7 while rolling down our nations interstates or on display in a company promotion.  Benefit from professional bass fishing similar to a marketing campaign with a Nascar Race team, but for a cost much less that a race car sponsorship.  A cost that equals less than a penny per brand impression.  For more info, please request a personal presentation or sponsorship packet. 

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